Heaven & Broken Things

“Secret lives

Where butterflies & blossoms bloom to show the sweetness of honey on the tongue of the words never spoken

The inner life

The ticking clock that lingers once one has parted the earth to the dust

The silent scream and loud whisper of the songs we wished to sing but never the air to make noise enough

The colours that were never coloured on the surface of the canvas of our outer being

The place where vast deserts and wild oceans roar and scope

The places untouched that breathe the purest forms of gold into the lungs of our eternal souls

This longing for a better place that pulls and yearns underneath the skin

To finish what had started and was broken to begin all over again.”

-L.A MacDonald


Mourning & Uprising of the Son

“Your blazing eyes Jesus stare into my soul set my spirit on fire

Your breath flows around me it seeps into my skin

How my love for you will flourish from my living flesh within

There’s no hesitation in my spirit when I look upon your face

You take my feet to high places

I’m running towards your never ending grace.” – L.A MacDonald