Dreaming & Planning my Future Home

I can remember, sitting at the table, pursuing creativity over technology and I decided “right! I’ve been planning my future Home in my head for years, I think I have enough to draw a floor plan.” So I sat down for TWO HOURS drawing up this floor plan (no maths involved obviously, I don’t do maths) and visually applied scale. TWO HOURS! I had not done anything that intently for that long for what seems like many many moons. And it had been many many moons.

Sitting back after I had completed the floor plan, I felt so fulfilled and nourished. Passion had been stirred within and I couldn’t help gleaming at the thought that I had just completed something and it was something that held my complete and total attention from start to finish…and..I’m not tired! I was full, overflowing with exhilaration that I then went on for another hour or so scrapbooking the interior design of most rooms from old magazines I had.

It’s about seven months later since I did that and it has still left a mark on me, in a very good way. After studying for so long, being crushed by deadlines and slow comprehension, I know that I need to insert and breathe more creativity into my life, even when study feels like it’s winning my energy and soul.

So this year, my intention is to plan days for creativity and ONLY creativity inbetween days of study. I’m horrible at time management and I’m hoping the pursuit of the arts will trump over my unwillingly-assertive drive to do ANYTHING BUT STUDY!

So I thought I’d share some inspiration here of my future home with you all. Of course please know none of these images are NOT mine and they are all from Pinterest. If you would like more of this kind of stuff in your Pinterest feed my link is below and above!

What does your dream house look like!? Do you have a good schedule for your time management? If so, what have you found works best for you? I’d love to know!

P.s. I’m completely against white walls! A few white walls are okay to balance a space but not EVERY DANG WALL!!! White isn’t a colour, its clinical, it’s a base colour. There’s a whole dang rainbow and everyone is choosing white!?! Anyone know what I’m sayin’?

No images here are mine. The source of all images are from Pinterest and some from Instagram 👍🏻.


God has called us to dwell higher with Him. To lift others higher, to exalt Jesus Christ higher than our circumstances. To go higher with Him means to choose Him, His presence over our circumstances. To worship, to trust and to absorb His word. I most certainly need to go higher with Him in His word. Where do you feel God calling you to go higher?

God bless,

Laura xo

Verse of the Week

“For I ,the LORD, love justice;
I hate robbery for burnt offering;
I will direct their work in truth,
And will make with them an everlasting covenant.
Their descendants shall be known
among the Gentiles,
And their offspring among the people.
All who see them shall acknowledge them,
That they are the posterity whom
the LORD has blessed.” – Isaiah 61:8-9

Awake Church of Australia!

God Redeems Jerusalem

52 “Awake, awake!
Put on your strength, O Zion;
Put on your beautiful garments,
O Jerusalem, the holy city!
For the uncircumcised and the unclean
Shall no longer come to you.
Shake yourself from the dust, arise;
Sit down, O Jerusalem!
Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck,
O captive daughter of Zion!

For thus says the Lord:

“You have sold yourselves for nothing,
And you shall be redeemed without money.”

For thus says the Lord God:

“My people went down at first
Into Egypt to [a]dwell there;
Then the Assyrian oppressed them without cause.
Now therefore, what have I here,” says the Lord,
“That My people are taken away for nothing?
Those who rule over them
[b]Make them wail,” says the Lord,
“And My name is blasphemed continually every day.
Therefore My people shall know My name;
Therefore they shall know in that day
That I am He who speaks:
‘Behold, it is I.’ ”

How beautiful upon the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news,
Who proclaims peace,
Who brings glad tidings of good things,
Who proclaims salvation,
Who says to Zion,
“Your God reigns!”
Your watchmen shall lift up their voices,
With their voices they shall sing together;
For they shall see eye to eye
When the Lord brings back Zion.
Break forth into joy, sing together,
You waste places of Jerusalem!
For the Lord has comforted His people,
He has redeemed Jerusalem.
10 The Lord has [c]made bare His holy arm
In the eyes of all the nations;
And all the ends of the earth shall see
The salvation of our God.

11 Depart! Depart! Go out from there,
Touch no unclean thing;
Go out from the midst of her,
Be clean,
You who bear the vessels of the Lord.
12 For you shall not go out with haste,
Nor go by flight;
For the Lord will go before you,
And the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

The Sin-Bearing Servant

13 Behold, My Servant shall [d]deal prudently;
He shall be exalted and [e]extolled and be very high.
14 Just as many were astonished at you,
So His visage[f] was marred more than any man,
And His form more than the sons of men;
15 So shall He [g]sprinkle many nations.
Kings shall shut their mouths at Him;
For what had not been told them they shall see,
And what they had not heard they shall consider.”
– Isaiah 52

This morning I was led to Nate & Christy on YouTube they are a prophetic couple living in America. Nate was streaming a live prophetic word and spoke to Australia saying if we don’t speak somebody else will. I began to prophesy and decided to grab my Bible and the first page I opened to was Isaiah 52. It’s time to stir ourselves up and awaken the prophets of this nation. Us Australians are great at relaxing but now is not the time to sink back spiritually. I my self am being awakened and I am so excited to see Australia roar instead of yawn! LET’S GO!

When I went to awakening Australia at the end of 2018, an amazing man of God gave a word, I apologize I’ve forgotten his name but he said God whispered to Australia instead of speak because He wants Australia to roar! I still feel that strongly that He is calling us, the great south land of the Holy Spirit to ROAR! We are a remnant called to tear down strong holds, violently chase God and tear down every demonic scheme in our nation and proclaim the kingdom of heaven.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams.” – Acts 2:17

Assurance of Zion’s Salvation

1“For Zion’s sake I will not [a]hold My peace,
And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest,
Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness,
And her salvation as a lamp that burns.
2The Gentiles shall see your righteousness,
And all kings your glory.
You shall be called by a new name,
Which the mouth of the Lord will name.
3You shall also be a crown of glory
In the hand of the Lord,
And a royal diadem
In the hand of your God.
4You shall no longer be termed Forsaken,[b]
Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate;[c]
But you shall be called [d]Hephzibah, and your land [e]Beulah;
For the Lord delights in you,
And your land shall be married.
5For as a young man marries a virgin,
So shall your sons marry you;
And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
So shall your God rejoice over you.

6I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;
They shall [f]never hold their peace day or night.
You who [g]make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent,
7And give Him no rest till He establishes
And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

8The Lord has sworn by His right hand
And by the arm of His strength:
“Surely I will no longer give your grain
As food for your enemies;
And the sons of the foreigner shall not drink your new wine,
For which you have labored.
9But those who have gathered it shall eat it,
And praise the Lord;
Those who have brought it together shall drink it in My holy courts.”

10Go through,
Go through the gates!
Prepare the way for the people;
Build up,
Build up the highway!
Take out the stones,
Lift up a banner for the peoples!

11Indeed the Lord has proclaimed
To the end of the world:
“Say to the daughter of Zion,
‘Surely your salvation is coming;
Behold, His reward is with Him,
And His [h]work before Him.’ ”
12And they shall call them The Holy People,
The Redeemed of the Lord;
And you shall be called Sought Out,
A City Not Forsaken.” – Isaiah 62

Let go of the past and move into the new.

Let’s prophesy the heart of God for our great country!

God bless,

Laura xo

Verse of the Week.

“All the prosperous of the Earth
Shall remember and turn to the LORD,
And all the families of the nations
And shall worship before You.
All the prosperous of the Earth
Shall eat and worship;
All those who go down to the dust
Shall bow before Him,
Even he who cannot keep himself alive.
A posterity shall serve Him.
It will be recounted of the LORD to the next generation,
They will come and declare His righteousness
To a people who will e born,
That He has done this.” – Psalm 22:27-31

Now I’ve thought a lot about turning the verse of the week into a devotional, however, I do not feel that it is necessary at this time. I believe the Bible speaks more than enough to what is happening in the world and through out the body of Christ that, I don’t need to extend on the meaning or understanding. Maybe in the future God will place it on my heart to do so but for the moment I will let the LORD alone speak :).

I would love to hear your testimonies that you feel in your spirit that the verses of the week speak to and stir up for you. Please feel welcome to share in the comments section below and let’s celebrate the great God, our LORD and Saviour and all He is doing in this time.

God Bless,

Laura xo

Verse of the Week

“Though the fig tree may not blossom,
Nor the fruit be on the vine;
Though the labor of the olive may fail,
And the fields yield no food;
Though the flock may be cut off from the fold,
And there be no herd in the stalls –
Yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
I will joy in the God of my salvation.

The LORD God is my strength;
He will make my feet like deer’s feet,
And He will make me walk on my high hills.”
Habakkuk 3:17-19

Verse of the Week

“Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. But the Lord of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. And he will become a sanctuary and a stone of offense and a rock of stumbling to both houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
Isaiah 8:12‭-‬14

And so, it is Spring.

I feel to start with a confession. I’m pretty sure I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, that does not disregard my love of winter because grey days come in warmer seasons too. Personally, it’s been rough these past few months and maybe one day I’ll share about it. It’s been hard to see hope and it’s been hard to keep the faith in all honesty. But then the sun shines bright and the sky becomes this thick velvet light blue. The breeze dances around you wafting ripe floral aromas. The salty air kissing you gently, reminding you of days gone of youth and moments of infinite satisfaction. You know those moments, just before dusk ends and after golden hour has finished shining its brightest light. The sky is a gradient of warm deep blue, soft teal, lavender, pink and golden orange. The wind is picking up, whispering in your ear adventures to come “just dance – be here and know there’s even more joy in tomorrow. Wait ’til you see what’s ahead.” It’s nostalgic and the birds join in with the song in your step.

The romance of blooming, to sway softly with the opening of new flowers and beaming over baby animals being born. The thick of it, the lusciousness of the Earth throughout spring after sleeping softly for six months. Anything can happen. Any dream can come true. It’s a bit harder to fully surrender to it in the city. Thankfully there is plenty of water, ocean and sky available here. There is still magic in the air even when you’re confined. Being confined just means there’s not as many walls to break through to leap into the broad and vast wilderness of new adventures. The walls aren’t hard to find in order to smash down and trample with the fear and courage of wanting more, giving into risk and taking flight.

I hope your spring or whatever season you are in is bringing you hope no matter what that looks like. Maybe hope is just opening your eyes, and that’s okay. I have been trying to remind myself lately that it’s God’s breath that wakes me in the morning and sustains me at night and that’s more than enough.

“I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained me.”
– Psalm 3:5

“I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”
– Psalm 4:8

Old shots on film, 2016.

©2020 Laura MacDonald Photography