Waiting for love

Pink paradise

Ethereal awakening

Slow mornings
Coffee cup stains on the timber of waking

And choosing it because love suffers
Suffers long

That sticky summer sap
Wafting through the air
Swimming in summer
Picnics by the river
Fullness and ripeness of lover’s

Infinite moments

I choose you with all your mess
I choose you with all your bliss

Because I’m a ripe man
And you’re a ripe woman

“Let’s become seasoned as one by life’s toils and freedoms,” he said.”

-L.A. MacDonald

35mm, rainbow, God’s promise.

Something beautiful…

A dear friend of mine sent me this beautiful article this morning. Her Mum had sent it to her and I’m so thankful for her obedient heart in sending it to me.

I’ve struggled all my life with the idea of beauty. What it is, what it means. I’ve had so many voices, not just magazines and MTV but people in my life who have defined me as un-beautiful from a very young age.

Then when I moved into my early 20s, all of a sudden I was being praised left, right and centre for my outward beauty (please know I’m not meaning to come from a vain perspective here, I’m merely stating my experiences). And I have been praised a lot since then. Of course there have been rude remarks by people on my weight and so forth but I know why those particular women say those things – because they don’t believe they are beautiful. But, they are.

True beauty has been something I’ve looked into in the past; what does God define as beautiful? Holiness, praise, the feet of the people who spread the good news, the obedient heart. And yet I keep forgetting and focus on outward beauty to find validation of the heart.

It’s hard to unwire something that is so ingrained in us as children and young adults. But praise the Lord that it is in the untangling of the old and the restructuring of the new that deep, rich holiness is found.

I use to see holiness as this light bright air, but as I have fought battles, earned scars and felt the weight of my weapons that God has given me responsibility to, I now know that holiness is heavy, it’s ground work. Tilling and sweating and moving mountains for those who can’t or don’t know that they can. It’s also digging deep into the soil of your own heart and having the strength and humility to rip out every root, every deep planted weed buried inside – to rip it out with your own hands and give it to God in surrender.

“Holy places are dark places. It is life and strength, not knowledge and words, that we get in them. Holy wisdom is not clear and thin like water, but thick and dark like blood.” – C.S. Lewis

One of my favourite quotes. Anyway, I hope this brings light to someone’s life as Christ has brought life to mine. Please find the link to the article below. And thanks again to my friend for sending it to me!

Lots of love,

Laura xo

Link to article: https://annvoskamp.com/2021/06/dear-girl-how-to-stop-men-magazines-the-media-from-getting-to-decide-if-youre-beautiful-2/

Me, a while ago…


“it’s ashame she can’t attain
Her minds imaginary career
Learning to surrender again to the One who made her from the dust for His will

Thought she was walking down
The yellow brick road
To only find

home wasn’t where she

wanted to go
It’s gone rogue
Heart broke

She stands waiting for someone to clear the smoke
Its broken shattered shell

Funny how we lose our pace
Thinking we are still on the path

To the great Oz land
To find that all along
It’s been Neverland
A sham
For adults who can’t configure

May as well stay here anyway
Lost boys and lost girls
Living in aging rind
Buried treasures

Are too hard to find.”

– L.A. MacDonald

South West rocks, NSW.

Sweet ripening of life

“Just want to wander in the golden light
Surrounded by colours of seasonal peaks
Richness and grace

Crystal reflections laced upon the floors of the skies
Ribbons of sheer syrup

Linen un-pressed, strands of fire flowing in the wild winds

Youthfulness – sweet ripening of life
What divination it is to be twenty-six.”

-L.A. MacDonald

35mm, shot by Tues.photography 2019, Melbourne VIC.


“Shy face painted grace
Can’t let anyone in unless they peel their skin
Wears her heart in her sleeve
Waiting for someone to take the lead
Scared to open up
People run when they see she’s not enough
She can call your bluff
Sick of rollercoaster hearts
Just looking for someone who knows what they want
A man on fire
Burning to live life.” – L.A. MacDonald

Sustainable clothing & fine art prints – Etsy Store

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At Jasmine By Laura we want to bring life and beauty into all realms of life. Choosing to make sustainable clothing from thrifted materials helps look after our planet, builds local business and creates one of a kind pieces just for you!

We are so happy to have you here and can’t wait to see you over at our store! Please click on the image above and follow through to our Etsy store. Unfortunately Etsy doesn’t allow free web addresses, so it’s also a fun adventure to get to the store 😅🙌🏻🎉.

Thanks y’all!

Love from,

Laura xo

Sewing my first corset!

My first ever corset is almost done! It’s a lot further along than this picture. I have sewn on the back pieces and started placing the bias. Next, all I have to do is figure out how to cover up the boning because I’m a noob and misread the instructions and sewed the backing with the front before boning.

As my perfectionism has slowly broken down over the years, I’ve finally come to accept that I will make mistakes each time I sew. I started officially sewing March 2020 and sewed off and on for four months until I left to travel the wilderness. And now it’s been seven months since I last touched a sewing machine!

I was so happy to get back to it and begin a project I’ve been dreaming of for ages. A beautiful corset. Yes they have come back in fashion which has been interesting to watch. However, my dream of wearing and making corsets came when I was a lot younger. I can’t pin point the moment but I know I’ve always loved the Edwardian era and actually my love for it probably birthed from paintings.

Anyway, another mistake I made was making the corset too big for myself. I followed my measurements, double and triple checked. I’m not good with numbers so it’s amazing I figured it out on the first go however, it’s about 3-4 sizes too big. I don’t know how to explain it other than my two hour walk the other day really worked.
I thought it was going to be a very complicated process but it is rather easy. This is for a photography project coming up although, now that the measurements are wrong, I’m not sure if I should come up with another idea or make another corset in the next day or so.

I have one week and three days to shoot, process and print for an upcoming exhibition celebrating women at the Gladstone Art Gallery Museum and I’m very excited! It goes from the 4th of March to the 14th and I am submitting two photos and praying they sell fast. If they do sell, it will be my first ever photo sale! How exciting!

I can’t wait to share the project with you!
What project are you dedicating yourself to this year?

10 Dating Tips from a Single Gal

I’ve been wanting to share christian dating tips for a long time here, but felt unqualified as I’ve been intentionally single and unavailable for a long time. Of course always open to the one Christ has for me but always guarding my heart.

Anyway, I’m very passionate about all relationships and boundaries, I’m not perfect at them and I’m still learning. However, God has definitely placed communication as a strong pursuit in my heart. So I thought why not, if I can help a guy out, I will. I’m a huge fan of men, I like them, my personality is more masculine then feminine so I understand them better and I am no feminist (of course I’m against mistreatment of women, I just don’t want to squash men with my success and I believe the man is the head of the home).

Please know I am not able to extend on these points as much as I’d like to and there are definitely points for women but today I’m only addressing the guys because women have A LOT of info out there. Especially in the church and guys don’t seem to get told straight enough. So here’s a slap and a rose for you Christian males. Enjoy!

P.s. slide 6 should say ‘cultivate a wife’ in the last sentence.

I’m not necessarily saying for you to change who you are, you are still capable of doing these things no matter if you’re shy or introverted. Do it in a way that expresses who you are.

What would your advice be to the wonderful, majestic Christian men out there?

What’s your dating experience been like? Has online dating worked for you?

God bless.

Laura xx

Photography is the only thing that gets me through

Photography really is the only thing that gets me through tough times (besides the Lord of course). Finally after putting it off forever, I’ve gotten back to making a photo book of snippets of life since I started photography.

I sat at the kitchen table that’s the right height for tall people (realised maybe that’s why everyone else’s table is short because ours is tall. Dad must of made it with us giants in mind lol). Anyway, and I was thinking about how ever since I can remember, I have always loved going through old photos from my family’s life, my life and I remember asking Mum, “what were you doing here? Where was this? That’s a pretty dress, who made it? Who’s this?” I cannot wait til my kids go through this book and ask me about it.

I think memories have so much purpose, especially when it comes to passing them on to the next generation. Memories stir up dreams and I know that pictures from my family’s past has been a foundational part of my dreams and goals in life.

Pictures do tell a thousand words, but they also stir the heart to dream, to find empathy for the things past, to remember the important things we forget. They remind us to live in the simple moments because as you get older, it’s the simple moments your heart yearns to go back to.

What’s a favourite photo of yours from your family’s memories? What photo do you hold dear to your heart?

My favourite place in the whole wide world, is just down the road.

Come for a walk with me, through my favourite place in the whole wide world. Luscious paddocks of rich green. Cattle, curious and full of generous attitude. Willy Wag Tails tease you, flying ahead of you shaking their tails, watching you waiting for you to come just a bit closer and *zoop* there a few steps ahead of you again. They are a perfect example of the alluring manner of a woman telling a man her interest through the chase of love and desire.

Here we have Mr Bailey’s bridge, I don’t always pass this bridge as it is in the other direction from where I walk. However, whenever I pass the street that leads to it, I dream of it, having picnics with my future husband, lost in a moment of timeless beauty. A mulberry tree is full and large just before you get to this bridge. Nothing screams summer like free fruit near your local farmers land.

Here below, is actually quite far along on my walk and due to lack of daylight (more my timing trying to avoid the heat) I have to turn back home before I get here. Thankfully on good days when the heat doesn’t knock me about and the sunsets are long and forever giving beauty, I get to walk all the way to the next street over (overall it’s about 8km, there and back). This lane here is really the size of a one way street as it’s a back road through the farm land by the river. This lane links to the next street over and it’s a walk through history. At the top of the hill there’s the old church that is now a house and a small quaint cemetery. I think it’s interesting, and with all respect I say this, that all the grave sites are faced toward the church with their backs to this view. Of course the presence of God can be found in the church but His glorious imagination is in creation. I think I’d prefer to face this view, it’s closer looking to heaven to me. All the trees you see in the distant background are pecan trees. There’s a pecan orchard down the way, you’ll get to see it soon. So, you past the cemetery to the old school, established in the early 1800s I believe. It is now a home too but the owners have kept the history beaming. These beautiful big old trees purposefully placed around the yard, *sigh* what a place to learn, thrive and play.

And here, we can see the stunning view, mountains disappearing into the golden light of the heavens. These rolling hills have become the blueprint of my imagination, this divine sheen of yellow glow, fills made up memories of a future I hope to claim and keep as my lot.

And here we are, at the pecan orchard. There’s no fence and only a few, it seems, know of it’s treasure of peace and natural tinsel swaying in the breeze. It’s a play ground for those who defy the prison of cement and brick. This orchard is beautiful.

Where is your favourite place to stroll? Has there been a place that has imprinted on your soul that you crave to go back to?

©2021 Laura MacDonald Photography shot on 35mm film, 2017?