Something beautiful…

A dear friend of mine sent me this beautiful article this morning. Her Mum had sent it to her and I’m so thankful for her obedient heart in sending it to me.

I’ve struggled all my life with the idea of beauty. What it is, what it means. I’ve had so many voices, not just magazines and MTV but people in my life who have defined me as un-beautiful from a very young age.

Then when I moved into my early 20s, all of a sudden I was being praised left, right and centre for my outward beauty (please know I’m not meaning to come from a vain perspective here, I’m merely stating my experiences). And I have been praised a lot since then. Of course there have been rude remarks by people on my weight and so forth but I know why those particular women say those things – because they don’t believe they are beautiful. But, they are.

True beauty has been something I’ve looked into in the past; what does God define as beautiful? Holiness, praise, the feet of the people who spread the good news, the obedient heart. And yet I keep forgetting and focus on outward beauty to find validation of the heart.

It’s hard to unwire something that is so ingrained in us as children and young adults. But praise the Lord that it is in the untangling of the old and the restructuring of the new that deep, rich holiness is found.

I use to see holiness as this light bright air, but as I have fought battles, earned scars and felt the weight of my weapons that God has given me responsibility to, I now know that holiness is heavy, it’s ground work. Tilling and sweating and moving mountains for those who can’t or don’t know that they can. It’s also digging deep into the soil of your own heart and having the strength and humility to rip out every root, every deep planted weed buried inside – to rip it out with your own hands and give it to God in surrender.

“Holy places are dark places. It is life and strength, not knowledge and words, that we get in them. Holy wisdom is not clear and thin like water, but thick and dark like blood.” – C.S. Lewis

One of my favourite quotes. Anyway, I hope this brings light to someone’s life as Christ has brought life to mine. Please find the link to the article below. And thanks again to my friend for sending it to me!

Lots of love,

Laura xo

Link to article:

Me, a while ago…

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